Life Skills


LSO themes

LSO shapes the character of thousands of children by teaching Life skills at an early age to bring up responsible citizens

1. Respect

Showing regards or appreciation to the worth of self, someone or something.

“I can see many changes in kids…. LSO has helped them change their bad behaviour which even teachers cannot change” -Kioko, Parent from Kwale.

2. Fair play

Respect for the rules and equal treatment of all concerned.

LSO promotes fairness while engaging with the children. All children whether slow or quick learner have a chance with LSO.

3. Teamwork

Working together to achieve a common goal that is positive and beneficial to everyone involved.

Children have understood the important role teamwork plays in the sports, in class and life.

4. Gender equality

The equal treatment of gilrls and boys and the non- discrimination based on gender.

Culturally, most African societies regard women as “lesser” beings in the. LSO is educating the children that the men and women have equal value and should be accorded equal treatment. Female coaches and Team leaders are employed to ensure balance while also acting as role models to the children.

5. Anti-Bullying

Not taking advantage of one’s position, power, wealth, or strength to hurt or harm weaker persons.

“LSO coaches have taught us not to bully. I am no longer a bully at school. Thank you LSO.”-Ruth.

6. Peace and non-violence

Unwillingness to hurt others by deeds, words or thoughts.

LSO started in Kibera slums, Nairobi after the post election violence. Children who were exposed to violence could share their experiences and start a healing process. Children have embraced peace and Non- Violence both in the schools and homes.
“Even at home we also at peace….”-Bilali Ali.

“I would like to thank and urge and LSO to continue with the non-violent way of imparting change in the children. Long live ABG! Long live LSO!” -Mr. Ikolomani, Teacher Isulu primary school.

7. Anti-tribalism

Not discriminating against other people based on their tribe.

Kenya has about 42 tribes with different cultures. LSO has taught children on the importance of appreciating diversity among the tribes while also teaching that all tribes are equal.

8. Environmental conservation

The practice of protecting the environment, on individual, organizational or governmental level.

Our immediate neighbour is the environment and we practice to protect & conserve as individuals and organisation. Children in schools have been taught of their individual responsibility of taking care of the environment. LSO coaches have been involved in cleaning up local beaches and health clinics.

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